Leander Kahney’s The Cult of Mac

Any true Apple loyalist will want to run right out and pick up Wired writer Leander Kahney’s new book of the Macintosh phenomenon, The Cult of Mac. Within, the author explores the great many ways that the Apple faithful tend to march to the beat of a different drummer. That drummer being, of course, Apple Computer, Inc. It’s a great “coffee table book” full of countless tidbits of colorful Mac, iPod, and Newton goodness. And I am proud to say…I am part of that goodness.

To quote the 3rd paragraph, page 238 of the hardback:

    The hacks provide clues to the future direction of the iPod. VersionTracker, a popular software-download Web site, lists more than several dozen different hacks for the iPod. “No doubt Apple is taking its cue from some of these hacks,” said Blake Patterson, who runs the iPodHacks website. “Apple is seeing that a lot of users want these kind of organizer functions.” Apple didn’t respond to requests for comments.

I suppose that’s at least a portion of my alotted 15 minutes…. . .

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