The New, Thin Apple Keyboard vs…

Apple recently shocked the experts and rolled out an amazing looking keyboard with the new iMacs that is thin, thin, thin! Like, insane thin. It’s almost frightening to behold (while remaining sexy, sexy, sexy). I’ve been daily pestering the three Apple Stores in my area – “are they in yet?!” Finally they arrived, well, the wired version anyway. Yesterday I grabbed one.

This is a thin keyboard.

As I was enjoying some time down in the computer room last night, fingering the sleek, new addition, I rolled across the room (in a chair, mind you) to fiddle a bit with my Lisa 2, which has gotten some recent use as I attempt to set it up to work with a newly acquired ImageWriter II printer (but that’s for another post, another day). It occurred to me as I stroked those 23 year old keys that, while Apple’s thinnest keyboard by far is sitting across the room attached to my Mac Pro, I was typing on the most bulky, detached keyboard our friends in Cupertino ever produced. The interesting contrast had me reaching for my camera in a flash.

I have taken a few photos of the new keyboard sitting next to the aforementioned (rather bulky) Lisa 2 keyboard, as well as my Mac Plus keyboard, Apple IIgs keyboard (the first ADB keyboard and my long-time favorite Apple ‘board), and the elusive, diminutive Newton keyboard. I hope you find the comparisons of interest.

UPDATE [8.17.2007]: On the suggestion of an article commenter, I’ve added a photo of the Apple Keyboard alongside the NeXT ADB keyboard from my NeXTstation Turbo color workstation. It was foolish of me to have omitted such an obvious shot.

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