A Cautionary Tale for the Tandy CoCo Community [UPDATED]

[Note updates to the situation at the bottom of this post.]

Back in late February I purchased a Tandy Color Computer (CoCo) 3. I’ve long felt it to be a rather interesting machine and I’d never owned a CoCo before. I found a system unit in great condition on eBay, bundled with a few cartridges. I also grabbed an RGB-to-s-video adapter so that I could view 80-column text and high-res graphics clearly on a spare display in my computer room. To really put the system through its paces, however, a floppy drive system is typically required, but they’re not so easy to find and, well, who wants to become more dependent on floppy disks, right now?

Luckily, I did some searching and found that there are a couple of SD card reader options out there that let you emulate physical storage volumes with flash memory. The Drive Pak from Roger Taylor of Roger Taylor Software looked like a good option, and so I ordered, paying $89.00 (plus shipping and handling) to Taylor through PayPal on March 6, 2011.

Ten days later, I checked in via email to request a status on the shipping of the unit, and Taylor promptly replied, indicating that he was waiting on a batch of cases, which might not arrive for two weeks. I checked back in on April 12 and was told that the cases still were not in-hand and that there were many orders before mine. The next I checked in was months later, on August 10th, when Taylor sent me the following response:

It’ll be a little bit longer. I’m still backed up but occasionally I have to interleave come ebay orders to raise the funds to buy more of the uDrive modules from Australia. I have to order in bulk or I’d completely go belly up like I almost did before. I did receive a new batch of cases from my machinist and have plenty of boards, so it’s just a matter of me catching up on orders and not running out of the other key parts….I’m making the paks daily, so hang in there; it’s coming.

That’s the last I inquired specifically about the unit I purchased, now 10 months ago.

Taylor runs the the www.tandycolorcomputer.com website,  www.colorcomputer.net, and used to run www.coco3.com. He’s also active on the CoCoList listserv, and has made a few posts there over the course of the year indicating that he is moving as fast as he can, and guaranteeing that anyone who has ordered and paid for a unit will receive it – at some point.

Heading into December, I still really wanted the device. My CoCo 3 has been just sitting there, sadly gathering dust. Taylor mentioned that he sometimes sells the units on eBay here and there to help fund the overall process, so I searched eBay and saw an active auction of his for the same device I ordered nine months earlier. The auction showed two units available. I swallowed hard and, on December 8th, did a BuyItNow, paying $89.00 again for another unit. I did not make any indication that I had ordered earlier, fearing he would think I intended to immediately ask for a refund for the original, which was not my plan. My plan was to, whenever I received the first unit (if ever), sell it on eBay, myself, to recoup my funds.

I messaged Taylor through eBay the following day to ask if the item had shipped, and he responded with the following:

These items were late going out and I apologize. I didn’t know I was out of ACIA chips that go in the pack! PLEASE hang in there a few more days and it will arrive safely.

So, the big shock here comes in noting that he is selling an item on eBay, marked as “Available,” when it does not actually exist. Also, his message is a bit ambiguous as to whether the unit has shipped or not.

I followed up with lengthy messages of concern on December 29, January 3, and January 9 … and have received neither any further response from him nor the second unit I purchased (nor the first, for that matter).

It was my intent, in deciding to publicize this situation as a cautionary heads-up to readers who might one day do business with Roger Taylor, to demand a refund for both units from him. But, instead, I am going to periodically update this post, letting people know how Taylor has chosen to handle the matter. He owes me two units — let’s see when I get them. That may be of more value to members of the CoCo community out there, in the long run.

I have left negative feedback on the eBay auction in question…and I still want the units I paid for.

Update [Feb 26, 2012]: In the last week I’ve heard several people indicate that, on Coco3.com, Taylor recently made some posts indicating that he was looking / hoping for someone to take over the ownership and responsibility of the DrivePak situation. Commenter “charles” recalls Taylor there mentioning that the new owner would have 30 to 60 DrivePak orders to fullfil. Also, Coco3.com has been down for days, now…

Update [June 8, 2012]: I received an email from Roger Taylor a few weeks back, updating me on my order status. It seems he has sold the operation to a group that he expects to fulfill outlying orders. Taylor indicates that I should have received a refund for the December 2011 (second) order, but I have received no such refund. And, despite his suggestion, I don’t think I am going to go back and neutralize the eBay negative feedback I left after things clearly went south (again)…

I have removed the email from this post (on Fri, Oct 19 2012) now that Roger has responded in the comments.

I placed the email here initially, as many people other than myself had not heard anything from him in a long while. Perhaps it was a questionable move on my part to place it online, but I do believe others waiting on products ordered appreciated it being shared. FYI.

Update [January 7, 2013]: I received, from Infinitum Technology, all that I ordered from Roger Talyor in the mail, today: two Drive Paks and a Drive Wire. It has been a long road, but Taylor and Infinitum Technology finally made good. I look forward to having some fun with these new devices and my CoCo 3.

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116 Responses to A Cautionary Tale for the Tandy CoCo Community [UPDATED]

  1. Fedor Steeman says:

    Excuse me, but who the fuck are you!?

    Roger Taylor is a well-known and well-respected member of our community, and you have come to the wrong address on our CoCo mailing list slandering him like that!

    I am sorry for your bad experiences. I personally and many other among us have had many good dealings with Roger. Yes, on occassion there were delays, but for good reasons always. The worst you could say about Roger is that he sometimes overstretches himself and takes more than he can handle. But he is no scammer, as you seem to be implying.

    • Blake Patterson says:

      I am a long-time retro computer enthusiast and collector. I run this blog and TouchArcade, the iOS gaming news site.

      I have not sought to slander anyone in my post blog post about my experiences in connection with Roger Taylor. I sought to share my experiences and, based on those, urge users to beware of dealing with the man. I tried to be very thorough so as to let the situation speak for itself.

      I greatly appreciate the work of people like Taylor, and I have gladly purchased similar products from individuals far and wide to enhance my retro computing experience. I was eager to get a Drive Pak and start exploring the CoCo, one of the clearly most powerful 8-bit computers around.

      I was not highly perturbed by the delays that stretched into months — obviously — as I was willing to purchase a second unit, without canceling the first. Based on what he indicated in his August email to me, some of the units get sold on eBay to fund the overall process — that made sense to me. It was when I heard that the unit that was listed as “Available” was actually not yet assembled at the time of purchase – on eBay – that I finally became upset at his actions. His lack of response to my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th inquiry into the eBay item along with the item not having come to me in over a month (the eBay stated delivery time was December 16th) seemed a clear indication that something was not right. The situation surrounding the second unit I purchased is much more concerning than the nearly year-long wait I am still enduring for the first unit.

      I have not reported Talyor to eBay as one having sold a unit that did not exist, and I don’t intend to. But several, hearing the story, have urged me to do just that.

      Whatever respect and friendship you have for Roger Taylor has little to do with my experience. I assure you nothing that I have accounted in my post has been exaggerated or falsified.

      I find it difficult to believe that most reading the account would not at least take issue and feel concern surrounding the eBay item situation.

      I realize that Taylor left coco3.com some months back, and have not only been emailing that old address, but several others that he has used over the past year to communicate with me, as well as the internal eBay messaging system for messages concerning the eBay item.

      In the end, I still am anxious to play with this CoCo 3, try out OS-9 / NitrOS, and numerous games that a few highschool friends of long ago used to tell me about. I still want the devices!

      I hope this better explains the intent of my post, if it was somehow cloudy before?

      • Roger Taylor says:

        Why do you intercept one’s search for the Phoenix IDE which has nothing to do with your rant about the Drive Pak business I sold. You’re piggybacking an attack on my software as well ?

      • Blake Patterson says:

        Perhaps a valid point. I have removed the tags naming not-directly-related software of yours. I added them originally as I wanted those who may be considering your products to be warned (as a warning was obviously called for regarding the uninitiated).

        I do urge you to note that this warning post would not have come if not for the egregious lack of response. The lack of response can’t really be explained away after the fact, I think.

      • Roger Taylor says:

        I understand your concern but the inclusion of private e-mail content is not something I would have used to persuade would-be customers or supporters. The short story to this whole saga is that I was attacked until damage was done and I had trouble keeping the flow going for a certain product, so I chose to sell to a business who guaranteed to continue development and ship all back orders. Some other issues lent to the reasons I sold but that’s about it. Nothing out of the ordinary under the circumstances.

      • Blake Patterson says:

        I have removed the quoted email, with a brief note left in it’s place, FYI.

      • Roger Taylor says:

        I respect you for doing that, Blake. Not that any private e-mails contain false information, but simply for the fact that it’s private conversations. I wrote many of my customers explaining in truthful detail of any situations dealing with their order and at no time have I lied to any customer.

    • Stu says:

      Sorry, but if someone advertises something on eBay marked as available, then it should be ready to ship upon receipt of payment. End of story. If not, then it is a scam, regardless of his intentions.

    • CoCo Guy says:

      LOL who the fuck is Fedor Steerman? Roger Taylor is well know but hardly well respected. More like well avoided by those who do know him.

      • Manny says:

        Fedor has been on the CoCo list quite a while and is quite knowledgeable about the machine. Who are you exactly? (Before you ask, I’m mainly a lurker on the list as I cannot even touch my several CoCos that are in a different country. :( )

        Roger, I think, has bit off more than he can chew. Considering his actions in the past, I think he will come good on the deal but not in the time frame that he or yourself wants. I also believe that he does things a certain way, HIS way, and won’t hear of alternatives. That also helps some of his downfall on this situation.

  2. CoCo Guy says:

    Your experience is quite typical of those who have the misfortune to deal with Roger Taylor.

    He may have good intentions, but time after time he is completely unable to follow through with them and end up leaving his customers in the lurch.

    It is amazing to me that anyone still defends this guy after he has done so much damage to our small coco community, but there are those who will be behind Roger till the end I suppose. So… prepare for some very outspoken individuals to take great offense that you dared mentioned a few facts about your experience with Mr. Taylor.

    In the past, negative remarks have been filtered and deleted from from coco forums (many of which Mr. Taylor himself controlled). I am glad you are able to provide an independent and uncensored voice of truth about what it is like to deal with this guy.

    • Roger Taylor says:

      Dear Boisy or Mark or Aaron, can you please tell the group if you have in fact received your product from the new producer and if you think this entire thread actually helped or hurt the long-time outstanding reputation of Roger Taylor?

  3. Stu says:

    Awful – hope he comes clean…

  4. Andrew says:

    only 1 year, consider yourself lucky. I am waiting now 2 years and a few months for my last order from roger taylor!! i think it is a joke, his business.

  5. Karl Sefcik says:

    Now wait just a dog-gone minute. Roger is continuing the great Coco tradition, usually home-grown products built at a hobbyist’s pace. There is no off-shoring, he’s not getting rich off this, so maybe he has a real job somewhere that takes time too, besides a family. The only thing that was off-shored were the products when they came from Radio Shack, and the Rom cartridges had limits in performance too, except the last generation (Coco 3 only) were an improvement.
    So just understand where he’s at.

    • Stu says:

      You are completely missing the point. If someone takes your money in exchange for a service or product, without any indication prior to the transaction it could take months or years to deliver is certainly no way to instill trust. Without question, this practice is completely unacceptable.

    • Roger Taylor says:

      Dear Karl, can you please tell the group if you have in fact received your product from the new producer and if you think this entire thread actually helped or hurt the long-time outstanding reputation of Roger Taylor?

  6. Peter Cohen says:

    Roger Taylor is too busy working on the next Duran Duran album. ;)

  7. Art Flexser says:

    Roger has without doubt contributed much to the CoCo community, and I am quite sure that his intentions are sincere. To me, the real test would be whether he provides refunds in a timely fashion to those who, having run out of patience, request them. Since you have been commendably patient and have not requested one, I’d give Roger the strong benefit of the doubt.

    I would agree, though, that it is certainly inappropriate to list an item as available on eBay when there may be months of delay involved before delivery. Warning of this possibility should have accompanied the item description.

    • Blake Patterson says:

      Aside from knowing what I believe is an operating mode understood by all eBay sellers, the indication I received from Taylor, mentioned in the post above, strengthened my expectation that grabbing one of the interleaved eBay units was my way to a quick Drive Pak (and, consequently, finally a usable CoCo 3).

      “…I have to interleave [s]ome ebay orders to raise the funds to buy more of the uDrive modules from Australia. I have to order in bulk…”

      • Roger Taylor says:

        And I had the right to do so, because it was my business to run how I wish, to sell products to raise funds to deliver overdue orders which were becoming harder to fulfill as Cloud-9 was bashing me in some 3 or 4 forums. Cash flow is a bitch when you’ve got a gaggle of haters attacking you in 3 or 4 public forums because your products were outselling theirs 10 to 1. When things come to a halt, the last thing you do is throw your hands in the air. You find ways to keep funds coming in to build the earlier orders until you just can’t do it any more then you see if a company or group would like to Keep The Product Alive. If anybody thinks this is mail fraud, a federal offense, or a scam, you are too gullible and too easily misled and I think you may have trouble making your own decisions in life. The people who really know me for my track record cannot be easily misled. When you take my 25 year track record and stand it up against the last few years that Cloud-9 tried to kill me, I win no matter what stories you have to tell that make me look bad on paper.

    • A UK Retro-gamer says:

      He doen’t refund. I’ve asked a number of times now, the first time, I was told “One thing is true: the business dies every time somebody goes public with my delays on this pak, yet Cloud-9 has yet to deliver a produce they collected $100 for about 12 years ago. They get all the credit, and I struggle to compete with 2 to 4 guys who hate me real bad just because I want to offer my own products.”

      And that’s just ONE of the “Prima-donna” BS replies I’ve had. There are many more I could publish.

      Well; Guess What Roger?, I want to be one of those nailing the coffin shut on your badly run business operations! There’s no sign of any products or refunds, so my only option is to assist in ensuring AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE know how you operate your rip-off services!

  8. Ben says:

    I’ve seen this happen before when people sell stuff out of their home. They get used to the money coming it and even though they know they can’t provide the service any longer they still want the money. It’s greed is what it is, they figure they can just keep stringing you along while they figure out how to get rid of you. Once thing you can do is complain to ebay and his account will be banned, and complay to paypal (if you payed this way) and they will lock his account and get the money back for you.

    Unless he has a good reason for his f up I’d say he’s just trying to keep his account fat and has no plans on any refunds.

  9. John Griffith says:

    I had the same ebay experience with Roger but I did file a complaint and got a refund from ebay. I gave Roger fair warning that I really wanted the drive pak and didn’t want to file against him. I told him how much I appreciated his work for the coco community and that rather than me file a complaint, that he should refund me himself if he couldn’t deliver before ebay’s time limit for me to file. Unfortunately he never responded. I’d still buy the thing if Roger would contact me and tell me he’s got one ready to go. I understand that this is a hobby thing and Roger probably doesn’t make any money on this, but you can’t sell stuff that you don’t have without warning people that its going to take a while to build. You also need to communicate clearly, which Roger has not done with me.

    Blake, if you ever get both of yours, let me know and I’ll buy one from you.

    • Blake Patterson says:

      I also warned Roger that I was going to take action. I warned him twice, I believe. I got no response to either warning.

  10. Simon Progres says:

    A truthful and unbiased account of events from a man who is now out $200 and has nothing to show for it. How can anyone give him a hard time about sharing his experience? How can anyone defend the man or company that took his money? Some of these comments are just insane.

    I for one appreciate the warning and applaud your patience in this situation. I would have reported this thief to ebay!

  11. Jim Gerrie says:

    Been waiting at least a year waiting on my order. Don’t really expect to ever see it, but since my coco hobby is the indulgence of the childhood wishes of a now reasonably well off middle-aged dude (me) I’m not sweating it (too much). I just feel sorry for those for whom the money is a real hit.

  12. Aaron says:

    just a comment on: “(and, consequently, finally a usable CoCo 3)”

    Please don’t let this one bad experience stop you from exploring the CoCo! There are plenty of other options available.

    DriveWire is completely free, it provides disk drives and much more, in fact much more capability than the Drive Pak does. I sent you a private email regarding this..


    Cloud-9 is a reputable company that sells CoCo hardware and offers a drive controller which has many features that the Drive Pak does not have, not to mention *much* better performance, for about the same cost:


    It is unfortunate that your introduction to the CoCo has gone so poorly, but if you give it another chance with another storage option, I think you will have a much better experience.

  13. Boisy Pitre says:

    As a member of the CoCo Community myself, I am truly dismayed at some of these responses to Blake’s blog post from other CoCo users. Anyone with a lick of sense and some objectivity could immediately see what the crux of the issue was (misrepresentation of product availability). Yes, it may be uncomfortable for people in our community to think that someone amongst us would do something like this, but beating up the messenger is not the answer.

    Still, everyone has an instinct for self-preservation, and it escapes me why Roger would choose to screw, of all people, a guy who runs a major vintage computing blog website, and who could write an article that would be seen by thousands of readers.

    To those of you who are on the outside of this community, please know that not all of us in the CoCo Community blindly defend Roger Taylor. On the contrary, I myself have NO LOVE LOST for Roger, but that’s a long, sordid story that many in the CoCo Community have already heard more than once, and I won’t get into it here.

  14. I’m a long time member of the maltedmedia coco listserv, and I have purchased items from Roger in the past. Yes, I’ve had to wait. Yes, I had to email him, asking what was going on. But each time I did so, and even when I ordered, I knew what I was getting into, and that it could be months or longer until I got the product, but I knew I would get it. I respect Roger, and everything he does for the community. It’s a shoestring operation, and if you followed the list or archive at all, you would know just how backed up he is. He isn’t selling these things to the “general public”, but more to the hard-core CoCo community, the guys like me who’ve been there since the early-1980s or earlier, who used to go and have chats around the computers and printers at the local Radio Shack in the mall. Back when ComputerLand was “the place” to be if you were into Apple computers. Back when you typed in code from magazines. Back when having a floppy drive was still considered something. Our community is very small, and we’re (mostly) very understanding. Ten months? A year? Have more patience, you’ll get it eventually.

    • I wanted to amend my previous comment; according to others, you have “cred” in the retro world, and looking at your site, that seems to be the case. I understand that you aren’t trying to bad-mouth Roger, but I hope you understand that this is way things are with his operation. Perhaps 10-12 months or more is a long time, and not getting replies; well, this happened with me as well, but I was just patient, and didn’t bug him much – maybe once every couple of months or so. I did eventually get what I was owed, even if it did take longer than I expected. I’m sorry this hasn’t worked out for you. Hopefully, there’s a good reason for it, beyond being “at the back of the line”…

    • Roger Taylor says:

      Andrew, thank you for your kind and truthful words.

      • Roger Taylor Sr. says:

        I respect you for saying that, Roger Taylor. Not that any private e-mails contain false information, but simply for the fact that it’s all lies. You wrote many of your customers whining and giving no detail of any situations dealing with their order and at all times you have lied to any customer who so ruthlessly asked you to respond as an adult member of the human race.

  15. Blake Patterson says:

    I have slightly adjusted my closing comment, fwiw, to leave more in the hands of the reader.

  16. Art Flexser says:

    It would appear that Roger has no current eBay listings, at least
    under the eBay name (cocotower) that was used for Blake’s purchase.

    It is interesting to note that Roger’s eBay feedback for the last 12
    months consists of 43 positives, 0 neutrals, and 2 negatives. The 2
    negatives are the two most recent feedbacks, both in January, one
    being from Blake. So one can hope the present unfortunate situation
    is a temporary one.

    I wish Roger the best in getting himself out from under whatever
    problems he may currently be experiencing.

  17. Retrofreak says:

    Roger Taylor sells his stuff on a web-shop and on eBay – so he is running a business! And this kind of bad communication with customers or the very long waiting-time are bad habits for a good businessman! Not every customer knows Mr. Taylor and his contributions to the community. If so long waiting times are possible Mr. Taylor should give a clear advice for the customer in his shop or an ebay. Indipendent from his role in the coco-community he is businessman and should act so!

  18. William locklear says:

    I am sorry for your bad experience. I had the opposite one with Roger. I purchased a drive pak in August from eBay and received it in 4-5 days. I have enjoyed using it and I am sure you will too when you finally get it. Something must be going on with him right now.

    • David J. Bush says:

      Well that makes me even angrier. He sent you a drive pak while I’ve been waiting in line about a month longer than Mr. Patterson has?

      Mr. Ayers advises me to have more patience. What good is patience if I’m dead of old age when it finally arrives? I’m 57 and in good health BTW. It’s way too late for me to seek a refund through PayPal. Am I supposed to keep needling him with emails in order to get results?

      • CoCo Guy says:

        It’s pretty obvious that Mr. Taylor was selling (and sometimes even actually shipping) units on Ebay despite having standing orders that had already paid him directly many months prior.

        If I saw somebody selling an item on ebay when I had already paid for one, and supposedly there were none in stock, I’d be pretty pissed off too. He’s basically selling the ones you guys already paid for a second time on ebay!

        Good luck with that…. if you ever actually want to use your CoCo, I’d be looking at the other options available. They are better than the drivepak anyway.

  19. Jason L says:

    Ordered 2 Drivepaks on the 13 July 2010, plus bought Jewelled to help with funds. Also donated $50 to the “drivepak fund”. Still no drivepaks

  20. Jason L says:

    Yeah, clearly the guy has no integrity.

  21. Bryan says:

    I bought 2 drivepaks from Roger when he did the $50 sale on Memorial Day weekend, 2010 and I’m still waiting for them. He has not responded to my last couple of emails (sent in December). Prior to that, he was responding as others have reported, promising that the paks would be shipped, and when confronted about selling paks on ebay, said he was using those sales to buy parts. He claimed that the sale was attempting to use the paks as a loss leader in order to sell games on microSD cards and said that he was losing about $40 on each pak sold during the sale. I requested a refund and he said the pak would be shipping soon (a refund would make more sense, then he wouldn’t lose money).

    In early October, he claimed I was number 2 or 3 on his list, and that he intended to have all the pre-orders filled by February. That was the last response I received from him.

    At this point I agree, don’t even buy from him on eBay. Up til January it appeared he did have paks built and ready to ship as listed on eBay but obviously that’s no longer the case as this blog and his negative feedback suggests. I’m really suspecting that either something has happened to Roger or that he’s intentionally disappeared from the community and those of us who have paid but not received our orders are screwed.

    Sorry to call you out in a public forum, Roger, but you leave us no other choice.

    As to Cloud 9, about a year before I ordered Roger’s microSD drive pak, I ordered a SuperIDE from them. I eventually received it, but it took about 10 months and a few emails to Mark Marlette in which he made a few (possibly legitimate) excuses, so I can’t give them a perfect rating either.

    I suspect maybe we should post some URLs to Roger’s ebay auctions here to help others track the situation.

  22. charles says:

    I paid for one back in June 2010, and I am still waiting. Got several different stories over the past two years:
    “Yes, your order is in queue. Your pak has to be built so it takes a little time. The average waiting time is 4 weeks but it is well worth it.”
    “Please see the front/top of coco3.com for a daily status of the MicroSD Drive Pak orders. Based on the line up, I am estimating that your order will be ready in 3 weeks and could be the first week of January before it is delivered.”
    “Sorry, I thought I replied to you already. I’m waiting on a batch of cases from the guy who machines them. At the current time I estimate your pak to be 3 weeks away unless I can sneak it up the queue then it would be this coming week.”
    “My batch of pak cases are on the way now. This has been the longest holdup, waiting on new cases to be machined.”
    8/28/2011 – asked about why selling on ebay, but can’t send mine
    “Yes, your pak is still coming, and sorry for the confusion. I’ve had to
    interleave a few sales in order to keep buying some parts to ship the back
    orders. I know it’s frustrating but it’s a struggling business and I just
    want to do whatever it takes to get the overdue orders done. Your pak is
    guaranteed to be delivered as soon as possible. Hopefully I won’t get in
    this mess again but it was beyond my control that last year 2 of the main
    parts were impossible to get for quite a while yet I kept taking orders as
    pre-orders. Thank you for understanding.”
    Couple of weeks ago on coco3 website he was trying to get someone else to take over the responsibility and ownership of the drivepak. Now it looks like the site is down. Wonder how many people are involved, I think he had mentioned that there were 30-60 orders that a new owner of the drivepak would have to fulfill.

    • Roger Taylor says:

      Dear Charles, can you please tell the group if you have in fact received your product from the new producer and if you think this entire thread actually helped or hurt the long-time outstanding reputation of Roger Taylor?

  23. A UK Retro-gamer says:

    To the OP. You are DEFINITELY NOT alone.

    I ordered a Micro SD Drive Pack in November 2010 and despite NUMEROUS promises, excuses and a MAJOR prima-donna attitude from Roger, NOTHING has been received.

    And to Mr. Fedor Steeman; Excuse ME, but who the fuck are YOU!? Is Roger paying you to defend him? He’s certainly not willing to defend himself as he no longer replies to emails and CERTAINLY has no intention of refunding those who have unwillingly kept his rip-off business(es) alive.

    I’ve had enough of this now and I’m with the OP on this one. The only way of stopping Mr. Taylor’s malpractice is by spreading the word on how bad his service is and how his customers are REALLY treated.

    I’ve also recently noticed one of the domains Roger has been selling these devices from has been left to expire. Is this another attempt to go underground by Roger? He’s disappeared a number of times since taking my money, so this wouldn’t be the first time!

    I’d also heard Roger was trying to sell off his MicroSD Pak business INCLUDING debts and unbuilt units as parts. Question is. Who in their right mind, is going to buy a business that is ALREADY ON ITS ARSE by taking on someone else’s unfulfilled orders?

    My communication trail with Roger since November 2010 is virtually identical to the previous poster’s Charles. Just one excuse after another from Mr. Taylor with no solid proof he actually has the parts required to build the Paks.

    On the AtariAge forums, one (lucky?) poster has said he’d received a MicroSD Pak, which he bought from eBay: http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/186125-just-won-coco-microsd-pak/

    My responses can be read there.

    • charles says:

      looks like he is still advertising them for sale, just noticed this site today:

      • Roger Taylor says:

        That’s Infinitum Technology, the new owners of the web site, CoCoNet product and Drive Pak products.

        Did you check this before claiming that it was me?

      • Jeremy says:

        It looks like their last update, if I’m reading it right, is over a year old. Has anyone received a drivepak since this new company took over?

      • Roger Taylor says:

        You’ll have to ask them. I don’t think you’ll get an accurate answer by asking that question here. What I know is they not only invested cash but also placed orders for hundreds of new pak cases and boards in addition to all the parts that I supplied, so I know for a fact these guys are serious. That was part of our deal before I agreed to sell, that the pak would remain in competition with Boisy’s over sized and outdated CF card pak so that I could get some form of peace of mind after “failing”.

      • charles says:

        Actually I sent an email to the address and you replied, so I assumed it was you unless some one was impersonating you. See email below:

        The Wireless Drive Pak should be available shortly. Please visit the root of the site http://www.colorcomputer.net for updates when it becomes available, or consider the MicroSD Drive Pak.

        At 08:31 PM 4/19/2012, you wrote:

        Thursday April 19, 2012

        Dear User,

        chuck (xxxxxx@gmail.com) contacted you about the Ad http://www.colorcomputer.net/trade/hardware/drives/wireless-drive-pak-new-19.htm

        rnJust found this item. Don’t know if it’s still available, as you ad is almost 9 months old. Sounds rally coo, please let me know if I can still buy this.

        Do not answer this email, answer to this account: xxxxxx@gmail.com

        The CoCo Cellar

        The CoCo Cellar

        ~ Roger

    • Roger Taylor says:

      Dear UK Gamer, can you please tell the group if you have in fact received your product from the new producer and if you think this entire thread actually helped or hurt the long-time outstanding reputation of Roger Taylor?

  24. jim okeefe says:

    Going on 2 years and still haven’t received my sd pak,
    i would like to friends of Roger that it isn’t slander ahen you
    tell the truth. The guy is a thief and if i wasn’t a nice person
    I would turn him into the us post office. I paid by check
    and mailed him my payment, that is called “mail fraud”
    and is a federal offense.

    • Roger Taylor says:

      Jim Okeefe, I have all of your customer information including phone number and residence. I will come to your home town and file a lawsuit myself and bring you to court for slander and damages for suggesting Any kind of fraud whatsoever to a group of new people Or my current client base. Your language of using words like “mail fraud” and “thief” aren’t very nice at all and I think you should delete or edit your message, or I may take action.

      • John Jacobs says:

        Court would laugh you out Roger, I can confirm that you are the biggest fraud ever. If you can’t keep up with demand, don’t post on eBay saying items are available. I hate ratbag scammers like you. I really hope you get what’s coming to you. Dirty con artist

  25. Thomas says:

    I just read this article today. It caught my eye as I was searching for something else regardning the Tandy Coco. After reading this story, I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for anything with the name Roger Taylor. Your article was well written, and thanks to your warning, I am more likely to spend my money more wisely as a result.

    • Roger Taylor says:

      Dear Thomas, can you please tell the group if you have in fact received your product from the new producer and if you think this entire thread actually helped or hurt the long-time outstanding reputation of Roger Taylor?

  26. Roger Taylor says:

    Roger Taylor here. Even though I have produced many popular gadgets and software titles and has delivered On Time thousands of orders around the world, I’ve never claimed to be a Wal-Mart or an Amazon nor at any time were you misled into thinking you were dealing with more than one developer, delivering labor-of-love products.

    To Blake and the other people in bed with the Cloud-9 crooks. Thanks, but no thanks. Slander has never gotten anybody Anywhere. Lies only hurt the liar. I’ve been the busiest and most delivering CoCo developer around for a long time. I’ve never missed a beat for almost 2 decades until CLOUD-9 (that includes Boisy Pitre, Mark Marlette, and Aaron Wolfe) decided to stage a systematic and aggressive attack on me and my products which eventually ended up causing me to jump ship on certain products and sell them to a new producer. That new producer is Infinitum Technology (www.colorcomputer.net). You can get with them on when your back order will be delivered. Please take your complaints to Cloud-9 who Probably owes you $100, anyway. See where both of your complaints get you. I’m curious to know.

    Now it’s my turn:

    Cloud-9 swindled a bunch of $100 deposits from hundreds of people over 10 years ago. Well over 10 years ago for a product that NEVER CAME and WILL NEVER COME. Nobody gets upset about this. Nobody ever talks about it. When they do, they get fed the same lies, and Never a promise to deliver. *I* have always promised to deliver what I sell and I’ve NEVER scammed a single soul. For anybody to even suggest this needs to be brought to court for slander and we’ll see how well you prove your opinion when the facts are presented. Again, Cloud-9 customers were scammed for $100 and yet the hardest working CoCo developer to ever come along in the CoCo history takes one for the team AS the products are still being produced and shipped. Wow. Again, thanks but No Thanks on the effort to hurt me more. I’ve taken enough beating.

    The fact is that the Drive Pak products and CoCoNet were sold to Infinitum Technology (owned by Bill Sgambati) who is delivering all of the back orders and will be producing more of these great paks. This announcement was made long ago and if anybody was paying attention to their CoCo forums and mailing lists, etc. they would know that because I had too many projects that became too popular, I could not keep up and I chose to sell to a company that wanted to be the new producer. I have No rights to CoCoNet or the Drive Paks any more. This doesn’t mean your overdue order is dead. It means I.T. will deliver it.

    It is because of messages like the one Blake left above that I was forced into aborting certain projects sooner. It is also because of his skewed point of view that a few others chose to add their own 2 cents.

    The good reputation of Roger Taylor was dented by Cloud-9 because he was outselling their products 10 to 1. They could not accept this and launched a major attack… and they won.

    I hope all of you CoCoNuts remain loyal to your CoCos and your remember the early days when hundreds of developers were going crazy trying to keep up and make new products and trying to keep Everybody happy. In every case, it was not possible to keep everybody happy. In ever case, we wouldn’t have had any CoCo products had it not been for the ones who actually applied themselves and took the risks required to wear their shoes. Until you wear those shoes, you know nothing at all about being a developer for the CoCo.

    It is unethical to step on a man’s face with your boot and then claim he cannot get up to finish his work. You see, the few people who have complained did it to large groups in Hopes that it would Kill the business, thereby guaranteeing a problem with shipment of the complainer’s order. Biting the hand that feeds you never really goes over well.

    Blake and Cloud-9 alone may have killed the business that Roger Taylor worked hard to build with a customer base of over 800 CoCo users around the world.

    • Art Flexser says:

      Roger, I spoke in your defense in a couple of messages posted above. But you’ve lost my sympathies with this latest post, whose tone is highly inappropriate. Regardless of what Cloud 9 may or may not have done, delivering your product is your responsibility. You could have refunded the money if you were unable to deliver, but did not do so. Blake’s posts about the situation strike me as restrained and descriptive, and he showed a great deal of patience over a long period, even ordering a second Drive Pak while still waiting for the first to arrive. Instead of blustering and blaming others, you should be apologizing to your customers who still have not received their Paks. I do give you some credit for apparently having sold rights to the product on condition that the buyer make good on outstanding orders, though it remains to be seen if this will actually happen.

      • Roger Taylor says:

        Hello, Art. Maybe some of my words came from my blood pressure after coming across this page of Roger bashing. I also remember back when a great man and CoCo developer Carl Boll was producing IDE boards and then his wife became ill. The CoCo community attacked him non stop until he went into apparent hiding. They tore his good name up. To this day when I hear the GOOD name Carl Boll, I immediately connect it with the treatment he received in his final days of being in the CoCo community. He was run out for just being a victim of life and perhaps biting off more than he could chew, but in Good Faith! We cannot forget any CoCo developer who in Good Faith did all he could until he couldn’t do it any longer. We have to STOP bashing names and long-time well-known CoCo gurus who have given you many of the CoCo things you enjoy today. This is not the CoCo community I remember. Some new names appeared about 5 years ago and some of them have done nothing but bash since they showed up on the scene. If we are to follow those guys, then so be it. There’s not much I can do but just sit and take it.

      • Blake Patterson says:

        Roger —

        Let’s simplify things here. “Roger bashing” ??? I TWICE ordered your promised product, and over the course of two years have not gotten said products or my nearly $200 back.

        Does that seems acceptable to you?

        Are you willing to make a public gesture and refund my money? Or do you intend to move forward having effectively stolen it?

        Please answer that question, for us all. Thank you.

      • Roger Taylor says:

        Blake, I want to see the same type of heat put on Cloud-9 and then we can claim that we’re being completely honest and fair. Before I sold the Drive Pak business, there were ~29 pending/back orders. During contract talks all orders were ceased and everything was sold as it stood at the time, and it took a while to close the deal. I did the right thing. I guarantee you that your orders, though very late, are going to be delivered by the new business. But you and I both are on the same side of the fence now. I have no rights whatsoever to the Drive Pak products, not even the right to speak about them in a way that suggests that I have any control at all, because I don’t. In fact, I fear that my over-defending myself here might not be helping matters. Over-defending suggests that a person is worried about something. Other than my name being dragged through the dirt over matters I had *little* to *no* control over, I think I can live with everything else. Clearing up my name a little involves people hearing my side of the story. If I won’t be able to do that, then I’ve come to the wrong thread.

      • Art Flexser says:

        Okay, Roger, I’ll bite. What IS your side of the story? You say your name was dragged through the mud over matters you had little to no control over. Such as what? You advertised a product, took orders, retained the money without delivering the product. Seems like all of these are things you HAD control over. Did the supplier of a critical component go out of business or something? Was there an illness?
        I don’t mean to pry into your personal affairs, but when you claim things were out of your control without further explanation, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want some details. (BTW, I am not one of Roger’s customers, just an interested longtime member of the CoCo community, like Roger.)

    • Roger Taylor says:

      Art, we’ve known each other through the web for probably 20+ years. I know for a fact you’ve read some of my public posts explaining the situation with the Drive Pak and I’ve spoken about it in this thread. You sound like a lawyer when you see that something has already over explained but you ask for more details, as if there really are any. I can only assume you jumped into the thread at the wrong place. And I think I’ve made my point.

      If anybody would like to know more about this product please visit Infinitum Technology’s web site and direct all of your nice questions to them. http://www.colorcomputer.net.

      • Art Flexser says:

        Well, Roger, the part that could stand more explanation is this (and I’m probably not the only one that feels this):

        You put out what seems to have been a very good product that lots of people were happy with. Then your competitors leveled what you felt were unjustified criticisms of it and you. I can understand your frustration at that point. You’d been a highly esteemed contributor to the CoCo community and I’m sure there was a “labor of love” element in the development of Drive Pak, not just a desire for profit. Now all of a sudden that community seemed to be turning against you. Though I’d consider it a somewhat extreme reaction, I could see where someone who felt that way might decide to abandon the product and the CoCo community.

        The part that I don’t get is this:

        Why didn’t you at that point just issue refunds on the outstanding orders? Or at least tell people they could have a choice between an immediate refund or waiting for the order to be filled by Infinitum Technology, with the possibility of substantial delays?

      • Roger Taylor says:

        Art, this is what I mean. You’re using suggestive phrases like “that community seemed to be turning against you.”. Do you realize how powerful that message is when it’s not true? When somebody looking for my services stumbles here and sees this because Blake had hijacked the Phoenix title, their first instinct is to believe your opinion over my facts and stay far away from things that I’m currently selling and delivering with no problems. Art… I sold the Drive Pak business and its debts, under contact to a real business. Those orders were overdue at the time this thread was started earlier this year but Nowhere near more overdue than the SuperBoard orders that Boisy and Mark conned hundreds of people out of. Now I’m being asked to explain why I didn’t run my business the way somebody else thought it should have been run, because I chose to sell out while being attacked, to save the product And my name. I think I saved the product but not my name. At this point, I think I’m going to choose to be at peace with what can’t be undone. I’ll recover.

      • Art Flexser says:

        To clarify, Roger, I did not say I felt that the CoCo community had turned against you. I was speculating that perhaps YOU felt that way, and that’s why you chose to abandon a well-received product in the face of criticism that you may have felt to be unwarranted.

      • Roger Taylor says:

        Art, it’s no mystery that other “leaders” in the community had powerful voices. At any time over the past 15 years while I was promoting their causes on the #1 CoCo web site to ever exist they could decide to take me out if I ever became their “competition”. The minute I started producing the MicroSD Drive Pak, it became a hit and I was cranking out orders daily. I’ve read on this page a few people bashing how I ran my business. My goal was to build up a user base while breaking even in the short run. Because I’m also a programmer, the profit would come later from delivering future software on fingernail sized uSD cards. Cloud-9 became *very* angry and the rest is history. Even during their attacks I kept advertising for them and kept their banners in rotation while they removed my banner from their site called “Visit your Friends at CoCo3.com”. I wasn’t their friend anymore. I was their enemy. The CoCo community would soon be all theirs.

  27. Jeremy says:

    I’m not sure about this whole thing with Cloud-9 10 years ago but I will say that I’ve had great experiences with them and everything I ordered I did receive. And no, I have not been paid or co-erced in any way to say this. Its my genuine experience. I found Boisy and Mark to be professional and courteous and communication with them was good on all counts.

    I truly hope everyone gets the product they paid for or their money back. Its only the right thing to do.

    • Roger Taylor says:

      Regardless of how long some have been waiting for their Drive Pak, making false and slanderous claims intended to do major damage to a person is illegal.

      You don’t just attach words like thief, federal offense, and mail fraud to my name and get away with it that easy. So I felt the need to come here and speak my side of the story.

      I just hope that when those people DO get their orders, and they will, that some of the absurd claims above can be deleted or edited.

    • Roger Taylor says:

      Dear Jeremy, can you please tell the group if you have in fact received your product from the new producer and if you think this entire thread actually helped or hurt the long-time outstanding reputation of Roger Taylor?

  28. SamEdwards says:

    Judge a man not by his mistakes, because we all make mistakes.

    Instead, judge a man by how he deals with those mistakes. Does he take accountability? What are his priorities in making things right? Does he personally work to ensure the outcome makes things right in the end? Does he take a humble stance and apologize to those he has wronged?

    It is now clear that Roger Taylor is a man of very low character, as evidenced first by his actions and now by his words.

    • Roger Taylor says:

      Sam, do you know me? Have you dealt with me for the past 25 years? It seems like this thread is now just attracting more people who haven’t had their coffee yet. This is not youtube where you can just surf around all day posting flame bait because you have nothing better to do. Everybody who knows me knows I’m a man of high character. I don’t need to prove this on some blog page, especially to somebody who has no dog in the fight.

      Please quote the words that gives evidence to you that I’m of low character.

      • Rick Freeman says:

        The evidence, Mr. Taylor, is in how you are responding to this article. You have not denied taking anyone’s money, nor have you denied failing to ship the products for which those dollars paid. You have not disputed anything that Mr. Patterson has asserted.

        And as Mr. Edwards noted, you are not taking responsibility for your actions. Instead, you are passing the responsibility off to another individual to whom you sold your business. You are also resting your redemption on the actions of another business who has apparently done something similar to you.

        The focus of this article isn’t about another business sir. It’s about you, and how you conducted business, and ignored emails and pleas for having either product shipped or money rightfully returned to the original sender.

        Mr. Patterson posted this in January. It is now ten months later! You are acting inappropriately indignant at someone who has not heard from you in a year about his orders. You sir, are unapologetic, devoid of any sympathy for the people from whom you took dollars, and are intent on passing the responsibility (and blame) on to others.

        I don’t “know” you except through this blog post, which appears to be factual and earnest, and your response to it. As a matter of fact, your actions and responses to this post speak more about your character than anything anyone else can say.

        P.S. Earlier this year I was considering purchasing your product for my Color Computer 3, but when I stumbled on this web site and read Mr. Patterson’s experience, my consideration stopped there. I am researching other products which have similar functionality.

      • SamEdwards says:

        I’m just a lurker on Blake’s blog. All I know of Roger Taylor is what is made quite clear in this thread:

        1 – Roger Taylor took orders for a product
        2 – Roger Taylor still has not fulfilled his commitment
        3 – Roger Taylor denies accountability, refuses to apologize, has made it clear he will do nothing to remedy this situation, and actually blames the same group of people that he stole from.

        These are not just the hallmarks of a man of low character, these are attributes of a sick mind. I am not a psychiatrist but Roger Taylor seems to be clearly in need of one. I say this for your own good, Roger: seek help.

      • Roger Taylor says:

        Nice try, “SamEdwards”. Your cherry-picked set of talking points are not facts at all and your overall assessment has no merit. None.

  29. ed orbea says:

    I’ve purchased items from both Roger Taylor an Cloud9 and this petty-a** bull-dodo is doing nothing but showing how petty everybody can sink. These discussions need to be amongst the specific individuals (Roger and Blake) and not dissected and commented upon by everybody else. You all sound like a bunch of whiney, spoiled children.

    • Roger Taylor says:

      Rick Freeman, once you know the facts instead of trying to dissect my posts and interpret them however you interpret things it makes more sense. When I came across this article is was more evident that the initial unwarranted verbal attacks started by Boisy Pitre and Mark Marlette and later joined by Aaron Wolfe back when I had no problems selling and delivering the DP products, directly led to more people joining in and helped destroy my small business. There were no shipment problems at the time these attacks started. They are still posted in the CoCo mailing list archives and on CoCo3.com. The product worked perfect and still does. People were happy. The problem was that Cloud-9 saw real competition and they didn’t like it. Pitre asserted at one point that “this means war”. I was called every name in the book and every time I defended myself even in the shortest sentences, I was told to Shut Up. This whole thing is nothing short of a clear cut case of defamation.

  30. Rick Freeman says:

    Mr. Taylor:

    There is a theme that keeps recurring in your posts here, so I took a different path to understanding your situation. One way that I find accurate in measuring a person’s focus and tendencies is to run their name through Google and viewing the resulting links.

    I Googled all of the names that you mentioned in your post (they are each fairly unique), and without exception, everyone of them appear to have stellar reputations amongst their peers. Their individual bodies of work are also quite impressive.

    I also Googled the name “Blake Patterson” and saw a similar impressive list of accomplishments and an excel and participation in his passions.

    Your name is a bit common, sir, so I took the liberty of adding terms like “Color Computer” and “CoCo” to the search criteria, and found that the preponderance of the links point to problems that you have had with others, including the delivery problems with this product in question.

    You certainly appear to be well versed in deflecting blame to others; as Mr. Edwards pointed out, it is how you have approached this entire conversation that has left the impressions, more so than Mr. Patterson’s original article. Instead of attacking him, you would have been better served stating your case in a more humble, apologetic way.

    I mean this with all honesty, sir: it is my sincere hope that, one day, you can find peace, for I truly believe that you are a troubled man. There is a stark and explicit bitterness/rage quotient that permeates your posts, both on here and on the other forums and email exchanges that I discovered through my Google searching exercise.

    Whatever injury, perceived or otherwise, that you received from the people you’ve mentioned, you may be better served trying to find a way to mend fences than to carry the obvious anger that you appear to nurse. If you do not, this anger and rage will destroy you utterly and completely.

    And in the end, it doesn’t excuse your non-delivery of either a product or a refund to Mr. Patterson or any other individual from whom you received funds.

    • Roger Taylor says:

      Rick, that’s a huge pile of opinions you are adding to the mix, and I appreciate your concern but you are proof that defamation attacks can and do work for a long time. The biggest evidence is that any time the attacked person tries to defend himself even once more people jump in to continue to step on that man’s head even if they knew NOTHING about him prior to stumbling across a page of ramblings. This is very troubling even as I continue to produce CoCo products for hundreds of customers as I’ve done for over 20 years. I won’t quit. Anybody who knows me knows this. I also think Google shouldn’t be your primary research tool. This is evidence of a limited mind.

      If you want a Drive Pak, sir, please place your order with the people who own the business and quit trying to further kick the previous owner for not being able to defend against an outnumbered attack from his former competitor. The product will live on. I will recover based on my actions and not my words. You need to find peace and move on.

  31. Grinder2112 says:

    How is it that the defamation you have been subjected to left you unable to fulfill your obligations?

  32. suspicious bastard says:

    Has anyone verified that this user responding is actually the “Roger Taylor” that sold the drivepak? I think we might be getting trolled. :/

  33. Roland M says:

    Roger Taylor exhibits classic signs of narcissistic personality disorder. If you have bothered reading this far and visit the wikipedia entry for NPD, you will see it for yourself. I guess we should all feel sorry for Roger because this can be caused by severe emotional abuse in childhood, among other causes. In any event, people with this disorder will never take responsibility for their actions and will always place the blame outside themselves. If you have had business dealings with this man, best to write it off as a loss and move on with your life as you will likely never be compensated.

  34. J. Black says:

    Having been involved in a number these sort of fumbles in various online communities, this situation is sadly not new, as is the good guy/bad guy split between those who received the goods and the one who did not. Pre-buy into any small production run is always risky, never mind slow as I’ve had to wait nearly a year for some stuff, but once you’ve taken money and fail to either refund or deliver you’re done. Period. Regardless of ones tenures, plethora of excuses, or bawling about circumstance, nothing is going to restore your reputation. Selling your interest to those who promises to fulfill back orders is not absolution either, especially when it never happens. You don’t get to say “Well, it’s not my fault.”

    Because of this, as I rule I don’t buy anything that’s not in hand as a seller promise is only as good as the time it takes the check to clear.

    • Roger Taylor says:

      Dear J. Black, can you please tell the group if you have in fact received your product from the new producer and if you think this entire thread actually helped or hurt the long-time outstanding reputation of Roger Taylor?

      • Roger Taylor Sr. says:

        Nice try, “Roger Taylor”. Your cherry-picked set of talking points are not facts at all and your overall denial has no merit. None.

  35. charles says:

    I just wanted to mention that I received my drive pak today. Roger, I may not have agreed with everything you did, but I applaud you for finding a way to make things right. Thank you Roger. I also want to thank Bill for taking over the production and delivery of the drive pak.

  36. Blake Patterson says:

    As noted in the latest update in this post, I have finally received all that I ordered from Roger Taylor, sent to me by Infinitum Technology.

    • Roger Taylor says:

      Dear Blake, can you please tell the group if you have in fact received your product from the new producer and if you think this entire thread actually helped or hurt the long-time outstanding reputation of Roger Taylor?

  37. JasonL says:

    I received my drivepaks today, from Infintium technology, only took 2.5 years but who’s counting :) I am grateful to finally have them, thanks Bill, and Roger despite the long wait, sincerely, better late than never. There was a lot of unknowns through all this, but at least final outcome was positive.

    That said, I think anyone who decides to sell an item in a small community needs to be very careful and understand their obligations to others once they have accepted payment. This is not directed solely at Roger, there are pitfalls with this kind of thing and I think we can all learn from this. This is just my opinion from a customers point of view and others considering selling items in a small community may be wise to consider the many pitfalls before starting their hobby business. I don’t have the elegance of prose that others here do, so please take it all with a grain of salt. If you don’t agree, tell me I’m wrong, I’m not infallible, but I’m not claiming to be an expert on the subject either.

    Avoid taking pre-orders with payment at all costs, unless an option for refund at anytime is given and you can honor it. If the production costs for development can’t be covered by you, delay the development until you can find alternative means of funds. If you want to use other peoples money to finance your projects, get a loan from a bank. If you must do it, explicitly state your refund policy. Once the item starts to ship, it can no longer be considered a pre-order to your remaining customers. Buyers, be extremely careful when entering into this arrangement, know the terms of the agreement. As said previously, you only have 45 days to raise a dispute with PayPal if the goods aren’t delivered in that time.

    Sellers, communicate openly with your customers. Once you have taken money for goods, you have an obligation, hobby business or not, to produce and deliver the item paid for in a timely manner. While friendships and standing in a community may help customers to be more patient, that only goes so far. There’s a saying, “The quickest way to end a friendship is to argue over money”. If they are your friends, go the extra mile, they are your friends after all. If there are unexpected delays, be courteous to your customers who have supported you by letting them know, don’t wait for them to contact you once they have lost their patience. Roger lost his job, which I found out from reading posts here, I also read somewhere else he had a welding accident. These things happen, and I was really sorry to read that and more understanding once I knew. But also a bit peeved I only found out by reading through various posts on the internet. It is not the obligation of a buyer to go hunting for this information, nor can a seller assume all customers will see these. Customers can be more understanding if they are given that choice, and this blog topic may have been avoided had that been the case. Expect that customers will get impatient and may even become disgruntled if the delays become increasingly extended without notice. If you don’t want to write to each one individually, at the very least, write a a general post somewhere and send your customers a link to it. Don’t just assume they are fine to wait however long it takes.

    If for some reason you are not able to deliver the item, but you can find an alternative producer, great! But give your customers the choice if they wish to wait or be given a refund. They can then decided if they wish to enter into a new agreement with the new producer. It’s not your decision to make about what is best to do with other peoples money, despite your very best intentions. If that producer fails to deliver, we were lucky in this case, you are still obligated to your customers and obligated to refund their money. Selling it to another party doesn’t forfeit any of your obligations, you accepted payment, you still have accountability until the item is delivered.

    It’s been a rough road for us all. Anyway, I’ve had my say, a huge thanks to Bill for for fulfilling his obligation to Roger, and in-turn, to us. I hope everyone gets their items and we can all just put it down to a learning experience, put it behind us and move on.

    Roger, while I may not agree that you handled this the best way, no doubt there are other factors I’m not aware of too. No one is perfect and no one is great at everything. I have to say if I knew the delay would be this long I would never have bought the item, period. But despite every effort and intention, things don’t always go to plan either, we all have to understand that. I’m sure you’ve learned from all this too and I look forward to FINALLY enjoying my drivepaks :)

    You have proven my previous comment in this blog wrong, as I truly hoped you would. I stand corrected :) Keep the extra $50, I just hope it went towards someone getting their drivepaks sooner :)

    • Roger Taylor says:

      Dear Jason, can you please tell the group if you have in fact received your product from the new producer and if you think this entire thread actually helped or hurt the long-time outstanding reputation of Roger Taylor?

  38. Jim OKeefe says:

    Blake and JasonL, I’m glad you both received your drivepaks, I too would like to put this behind me. Unfortunately I still am without a drivepak that I ordered in Oct or Nov 2010. It’s been so long I can’t remember. I noticed JasonL ordered his before me and you ordered yours after me, so it seems that there is no direct correlation between ordering dates and receiving the drivepaks. I would assume you received yours as a result of this blog, good for you. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. I just want anyone reading this to know that there are still people (well at least one) who hasn’t received the drivepak he paid for. There is no reason to belabor the point anymore. Enjoy the paks, this will be my last post here unless someday I too receive my drivepak, at which time I will post a message acknowledging receipt.

  39. Mark Rawson says:

    If the drivepacks are finally arriving with users, spurred by input here, maybe adding my details could get mine delivered too?

    Roger too payment for my drivepack on 13 December 2010 and despite infrequent promises, I’ve yet to receive the interface I paid for.

    Can the new distributors be contacted directly to check on the status of outstanding orders? Could someone publish contact details for them?

  40. Avram Berman says:

    I’m glad to see there was a positive conclusion to this story. I can sympathize though, as I was having my Nissan 300zx restored by a fella who constantly hit me up for money, as I financed
    his cash flow problems, an unfair burden imo. In the end, the car was never finished, his wife
    divorced him and he is now hiding, I think in Florida. He also took some people for money.
    My first computer was a Trs-80 Mode 3 and than a Coco2, those were they years, nothing better than picking up a copy of the computer shopper, hooking up with some BBS’s, paging the sysop and getting a response – boy that was cool, as a kid. Oh yeah – getting yelled at for $300+ phone bills!

  41. Stephen York says:

    Wow. What started out as a purely informative warning ended up becoming quite a read.

    Roger still never ended up simply answering to the question of why didn’t he simply communicate what was going on. He could have posted updates regularly to maintain confidence of the buyers as the months went on, but that appear to have never happened.

    I have no opinion here really, I merely owned a COCO 2 once and looking at getting a 3 to relive some old memories. It’s sad to see such angst in a community such as this, but the reality is that if you’re going to take money from people you simply need to do the bare minimum and keep in touch, especially reply to emails when they’re sent. Don’t leave people hanging, it’s just disrespectful, especially when you’ve taken money.

    From the way Blake has spoken throughout the posts, he never slandered and showed he was willing to wait as long as it took. Roger you kept saying “it will be delivered”, but you obviously hadn’t said that when he originally contacted you, rather just ignored any contact. That was your mistake. You need to stop blaming people for attacking when that wasn’t the original problem.

    Again, just keep in touch with people next time you promise something in exchange for money. But if you ignore them for years, you deserve any criticism you receive.

    • Roger Taylor says:

      Dear Stephen, can you please tell the group if you have in fact received your product from the new producer and if you think this entire thread actually helped or hurt the long-time outstanding reputation of Roger Taylor?

  42. John says:

    I love all the attacks on someone who is purely reporting the facts of their experience purchasing products from someone who as it turns out should have stopped accepting orders until they could catch up with the demands already placed on them.

    Beloved or not the situation was handled poorly by the seller. I think more than considerable restraint was shown by the author of this article. I would have demanded my money back after the second e-mail indicating that the hardware not still not available and would not have given the person a second opportunity to disappointment me.

    I’m glad that the author received their product eventually but it does not invalidate this article or the points made. It was an unacceptably slow fulfillment of the order(s) that caused this not the author being impatient.

    • Roger Taylor says:

      Dear John, can you please tell the group if you have in fact received your product from the new producer and if you think this entire thread actually helped or hurt the long-time outstanding reputation of Roger Taylor?

  43. Ed Williams says:


    How anyone can defend Roger Taylor is beyond me. None of his excuses make any sense and he is obviously a dishonest person. To take someone’s money in payment for a product without having the product to sell is in my opinion theft, unless the customer is made to understand the situation and agrees to the terms before payment is accepted.

    But to abscond with their money for over a year is absolute thievery.

    • Roger Taylor says:

      Dear Ed, can you please tell the group if you have in fact received your product from the new producer and if you think this entire thread actually helped or hurt the long-time outstanding reputation of Roger Taylor?

  44. James Igou says:

    Wow! What a truly ugly collection of comments.
    I have been part of the Color Computer community since it started and even worked for a firm that marketed OS-9 hardware.
    I don’t think I have ever seen a more embarrassing collection of “let’s hang the messenger” comments anywhere else in our history.
    I know Blake from his posts in the Amiga community and he has always been a level headed, fair poster.
    And Roger, “Cloud-9 crooks”? That just takes the cake. Do you really think Boisy Petrie went to school for six years so he could swindle Color Computer enthusiasts?
    While I don’t always see eye to eye with the guy, he has devoted a great deal of his time to maintaining and improving NitrOS9 and I seriously doubt that he or his partners at Cloud-9 derive significant income from their hobby activities.

    I just happened upon this when I saw and recognized Blake’s avatar. You guys have done a piss poor job of welcoming an outsider to our community.
    Thank god I didn’t receive this much abuse when I moved from OS-9 to Amiga OS.
    Its scary, the Amiga community is chock full of weirdos, but they rarely see crap like this.
    You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

    And both Blake and Boisy deserve apologies.

    • Roger Taylor says:

      Dear James, can you please tell the group if you have in fact received your product from the new producer and if you think this entire thread actually helped or hurt the long-time outstanding reputation of Roger Taylor?

  45. Mark Rawson says:

    Despite contacting the person to whom Roger sold his business, I’m YET to receive my DrivePAK.

    It’s coming up for FOUR years now and I’m still $$$ down, thanks to Roger’s shady dealings.

    The guy is an out-and-out crook. He defiantly defends himself online but at the end of the day, he has taken money and NOT delivered my goods and having shuffled his business around, now thinks he can deny liability. Were I in the US, I’d have filed legal proceedings a LONG time ago.

    I must urge anyone considering one of these units NOT TO BUY one of these DrivePAKs. Go to Cloud-9 instead and look at the SuperIDE or wait a few months until their new device is ready.

    I’ve lost all hope of ever receiving my unit. The email address listed earlier in the thread got me yet another promise which was never fulfilled.

    If I didn’t know better, I’d think Roger was still in control of the manufacture and distribution of these devices. The morals and ethics involved don’t seem to have changed with the business owner.

    • Roger Taylor says:

      Dear sir, can you please tell the group if you have in fact received your product from the new producer and if you think this entire thread actually helped or hurt the long-time outstanding reputation of Roger Taylor?

  46. Mark Rawson says:

    Just to add closure to my order, the Drive Pak I paid Roger for in December 2010 turned up unannounced on my doorstep last week along with the promised Coco DVD – which could’ve been sent any time from the point my payment was received.

    It looks like the company Roger sold his business to are slowly getting through the backorders but NEARLY FOUR YEARS without confirmation or contact, seriously?

    I don’t know about the turnaround for newly placed orders but knowing what I do now, I wouldn’t recommend anyone place a new order unless they’re willing to wait indefinitely with no confirmation of order status or a delivery estimate.

    • Roger Taylor says:

      Dear Jim, can you please tell the group if you have in fact received your product from the new producer and if you think this entire thread actually helped or hurt the long-time outstanding reputation of Roger Taylor?

  47. Jim Gerrie says:

    Well my drive pack order placed lo so many years ago has arrived. It works pretty much as expected (at least so far). In other words, no complaints beyond the 4 year wait. Roger you finally carried through…better late than never.

    • Roger Taylor says:

      Dear Jim, can you please tell the group if you have in fact received your product from the new producer and if you think this entire thread actually helped or hurt the long-time outstanding reputation of Roger Taylor? …

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