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“Logo Week”: More Fun Over at /r/RetroBattlestations

A few weeks ago I posted about the fun to be had over at Reddit’s /r/retrobattlestations. It was BASIC Week and I tackled it with an Atari ST and a few Apple IIs. After that came Spooky Week, and this … Continue reading

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So Long, and Thanks for All the Games

Last week I sent out a tweet marking a rather sad turn of events concerning one of the most notable game studios of all time. On further reflection, I wanted to say a few words here. On Wednesday, Sony shut … Continue reading

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A Look at the Sauciest Magazine I Ever Owned

One of the most exciting computers that I ever owned, and certainly one of the most significant in the history of personal computing, is the Amiga 1000, the first Amiga model release by Commodore in the fall of 1985. At … Continue reading

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A Home-Made Map Lead to Plunder on the High Seas!

The other night Colette Bennett, a rather savvy freelance writer that works with us over at TouchArcade, tweeted a link to a Kotaku story entitled “The Delightful Home-Made Maps of the Zork Series.” Now, I won’t belittle my readers by … Continue reading

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My SDCard HxC 2001 Floppy Emulator Adventure

One of the problems (and hassles) of playing with certain vintage computers today is their dependence on floppy disk media. While floppies manufactured way back when keep their bits together far longer than you might think — around 95% of … Continue reading

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Engineer Dave Haynie Auctions Off Rare Commodore and Amiga Prototypes to Fight Breast Cancer

Former Commodore engineer Dave Haynie is auctioning off some extremely rare Commodore and Amiga prototypes to help in the fight against cancer. From his “Haynie’s Garage” posts on eBay: I have collected up a bunch of items from my days … Continue reading

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There’s A New Amiga On The Way…And It’s A Monster

When I was in college as a CS major I spent a great deal of time in the Sun lab. It was filled with, unsurprisingly, various Sun workstations (and even a few Tatung Sun clones). But over in the corner … Continue reading

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Right Now, I’m All About the Amiga (Again)

So, I got my first back Amiga in 1985. October 1985. I bought the first Amiga sold in Virginia (USA). I loved it. I sold it not too long after, but that was just because of a youthful brainfart. In … Continue reading

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Replaying Wishbringer, Amiga Style

I purchased what I believe to be the first Amiga sold in the state of Virginia back in October 1985. To say there was a dearth of software for the platform at that time is an understatement. I ultimately sold … Continue reading

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AmigaOS 4 Reviewed

I got my first Amiga back in October of 1985. As I understand it, it was the first Amiga 1000 sold in the state of Virginia. 4096 colors, 4-channel stereo sampled sound, fast 16/32-bit processor, lightweight UNIX-like OS with preemptive … Continue reading

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