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Christmas Morning, 1979 — A Pivotal Moment Captured on Film

I’ve owned a lot of computers over the years, and I still have quite a few. “Computing” has been my all-encompassing hobby / interest / passion for most of my life. When it was time for college, I got a … Continue reading

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So Long, and Thanks for All the Games

Last week I sent out a tweet marking a rather sad turn of events concerning one of the most notable game studios of all time. On further reflection, I wanted to say a few words here. On Wednesday, Sony shut … Continue reading

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Liber809 – The Motorola 6809 Gets a New Platform

Regular readers might recall a post a few months back that (in, sadly, not the ideal fashion) revealed my acquisition of a Tandy Color Computer 3 system in order to spend some time with a platform I knew only through … Continue reading

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‘Megaroids’ – My All-Time Favorite ‘Asteroids’ Clone

In my opinion, Asteroids is one of the very best videogames of all time. I guess that’s probably obvious. Lately I’ve been playing a related series of Asteroids-inspired games that are old enough to be considered retro, themselves. They were … Continue reading

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The Soul of a New 16-bit Atari Micro [Updated]

Some of you out there have likely read Tracy Kidder’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book The Soul of a New Machine, an inside look at the experiences of a group of Data General engineers in creating a new minicomputer back in the … Continue reading

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My Atari 520ST Setup

I’ve mentioned in various posts on this blog that I’ve owned a couple of Atari STs over the years – a 520ST in late ’86 and a Mega ST2 in ’89. I sold them both long ago, but have particularly … Continue reading

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distellamap: Atari 2600 code brought into view

A few weeks ago I ran across an extremely cool nod to retro computing, but wanted to wait to pass it along until I had one in my hands to show. I am referring to Ben Fry’s distellamap project. Having … Continue reading

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Found New Time Bandit for Atari ST Retail Pacakge

Ever since I first played it back on my Atari 520ST back in 1986, I’ve loved the game Time Bandit. A few weeks ago, at the request of a reader, I scanned the game’s short manual that I’d kept all … Continue reading

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Got My Micro Mate 520 STation for Atari ST!

Back in the fall of 1986 I moved from an Apple IIe to an Atari 520ST. I quite enjoyed that ST. One particularly nice and uncommon thing about my ST setup was the system stand I found and ordered out … Continue reading

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Time Bandit

One of the more exciting machines I’ve owned was the Atari 520ST. I moved from an Apple IIe to this new 16-bit graphics machine in late 1986. The ST was fast, with its 8MHz Motorola 68000 CPU, and provided impressive … Continue reading

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