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Susan Kare’s EG 2014 Talk – I Spy Something Familiar…

The other day I was listening to my favorite podcast, RetroMacCast, during lunch at my office desk (which is my routine) when John & John made me aware of a 20-minute presentation given at EG 2014 by legendary digital artist … Continue reading

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Computer Users’ Groups of My Past

I’ve spent the past couple of months procuring parts and assembling a 486-class DOS PC that is more or less a replica of the 486 PC I had back in college, in 1994. That’s the machine that first delivered the … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs: American Cool

Living just out outside of D.C., my wife and I often find ourselves in the district on the weekends, taking our daughter whatever museum is at the top of her list at the given moment. Today we visited the National … Continue reading

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The First GIF I Ever Saw

Above, is the first GIF I ever saw. What you are looking at is a scan of a color printout that I made with my Okimate 20 wax transfer printer in 1987. I had an Atari 520ST at the time … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween, All You Vintage Computing Ghouls!

As I sat on the floor of our den, carving this year’s pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern with my daughter, I was reminded of a bit of caving I did nearly a decade ago as a bit of a Halloween goof … Continue reading

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It Occurred to Me That a Lot Has Changed in Mobile Computing over the Last Fifteen Years

This past weekend my wife and I headed down to Charlottesville, VA for the night, to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. When we met, she was half-way through law school at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and I soon … Continue reading

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Susan Kare Gives Kutcher the 32×32 Treatment

So, what do you think? Susan Kare, who designed the icons and fonts for the original Macintosh, also created 32×32 pixel micro-portraits of the Macintosh team, at their request, back in the early ’80s. One team member who definitely did … Continue reading

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Found Photo: Me and My Apple QuickTake 200 Camera

I was recently digging about the storage shelves, looking for an old box of floppies when I came across a large box full of photos that I hadn’t opened since moving into this house ten years ago. I spent an … Continue reading

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Regarding Keyboards, and a New Favorite: the Leopold FC660C

Nearly two years ago I got into mechanical keyboards (real keyboards, proper keyboards) in a pretty big way. In order to truly enjoy the experience of typing on these quality boards, I decided to learn to type “properly,” as opposed … Continue reading

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My First “Homepage” and Email “Sigs” of Olde

Last month, to mark the 20th anniversary of the World Wide Web, CERN placed the first web site back online at its original address. This got me thinking of my early experiences on the Internet and, soon after (when it … Continue reading

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