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The Tandy CoCo to Get Its Own ‘Soul of a New Machine’

Ever since reading The Soul of a New Machine, Tracy Kidder’s Pulitzer Prize-winning account of the creation of a 32-bit minicomputer, I’ve been a hound for any such works offering behind-the-scenes looks at such periods of silicon genesis. They are, to me, … Continue reading

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Wait — Not Another Apple Podcast?!

Oh, dear lordy, no!! Yes, in fact, it’s true. But it’s not not another Apple podcast — it’s the Not Another Apple Podcast?! The podcast in question is a twice-a-month show hosted by myself and computer historian David Greelish of … Continue reading

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HP Fires Alan Kay

HP has been doing some “house cleaning” of late and it seems that among the casualties is Silicon Valley legend Alan Kay who was part of HP’s Advanced Software Research team, one of four research projects that HP cut in … Continue reading

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