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On the Passing of a Visionary

On October 5, now almost a month ago, Apple co-founder and CEO Steven Paul Jobs died of respiratory arrest resulting from a lengthy battle with pancreatic cancer. Of course, everyone reading this post is certainly already aware of it. Steve … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs: Like Comments On Life, Death and NeXT

Today I heard the news, like everyone else, that Steve Jobs did not agree to surgery for nine months after learning that he had pancreatic cancer. That news sent me back into the cyclical “what if” thought patterns that I … Continue reading

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The moment I caught my first glimpse of the NeXT Cube and its revolutionary operating system, NEXTSTEP, I was spellbound. Never had a computing system been even vaguely as elegant as what lay before me back in 1989 on the … Continue reading

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Chips & Technologies’ WINGINE Graphics Subsystem

I’ve gone through a lot of computers since I got my first for Christmas in 1982 (age 10). A few were PCs. Of the PCs I’ve owned, one had a particularly interesting feature that I’ll wager no one reading this … Continue reading

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Running OPENSTEP on my Intel-based Mac

As most reading this are likely aware, Apple has begun transitioning the Mac to the Intel processor. The processor used by most of the new Intel-based Macs, the Core Duo, supports virtualization technology which is utilized by software such as … Continue reading

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