The Future of Retro Gamer in Doubt

On Monday, August 22nd, the British publishing house Live Publishing went into administration, leaving the future of the excellent Retro Gamer magazine, as well as its other publications including the also retro-geared PC Action Emulate!, in much doubt. First published in January 2004, the now-monthly Retro Gamer is devoted entirely to the topic of retro computing with an emphasis on gaming and a slant towards the British home computer scene of days past (Spectrum, Amstrad, Oric, etc). Each magazine came with a cover CD full of old vintage game “ROMs,” emulators, game remakes, etc.

I had a nice, personal encounter with Retro Gamer as described in my past post, Retro Gamer Made Me Famous…”

The likely demise of this magazine is a sad thing indeed to any retro computing enthusiast that was lucky enough to have been aware of its short and wonderful existence. Let us hope that by some fortuitous twist of fate, the magazine will live on in one form or another.

For more information / discussion on this news see various news and forum links.

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