“The coolest watch in history”

That’s what Wil Wheaton calls it.

I think because I didn’t ever warm up to the role of Wesley in ST:TNG, I was never a huge Wil Wheaton fan. I mean, Stand By Me is a great film, and he did work for NewTek—and that’s all good. But what I mean is, I never spent any time at his rather popular blog. For some reason I hit it the other day, my second time ever visiting it, and I found something great. (And it’s really kind of interestng. I should read one of his books. I really will.)

He made mention of going on a search for “the coolest watch in history,” in a post about something else all together. And that’s how I found it. The Fossil Atari: Asteroids watch. A limited run of only 5000 were produced, only 2000 of which are being offered in the U.S., as I understand it.

Mine arrived yesterday. It is a thing of beauty and wonder.

(And no, you can’t actually play Asteroids on it. I thought maybe you could. With the knobs and whatnot, but no.)

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