Baby On Board

Been a couple months since my last post – not that I normally post here daily or anything. “Why the hiatus,” do you ask? The answer is that my wife and I just had a baby! Our daughter came into the world on May 3rd, just after midnight. Our first child. Her name is Rory. She came by emergency C-section about six weeks early, but has been doing just fine from day one. And of course, there’re pics of her. She’s great, as you can see. :-)

But down to business – do chime in as to which vintage computer you folks out there think I should start her on. Something super simple like an Atari 2600 at first? Or right to a home computer like an Apple II or C64? It’s not as if I can just set her up with a modern PC or Mac and allow her to miss “the journey.” And at what age?

So much to organize, so little time!

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