Call to Readers: Help Choose My Retro Tattoo

At present, I have one tattoo. The design is the celtic Tree of Life, which I got back in the summer of ’00. What it represents is a big part of who I am. But then, another big part is what lead me to setup this blog three years ago. That part is comprised of an intense, particular fondness for three somewhat related things: gaming, retro computing, and the 80s in general.

So. The time has come for another tattoo. A geek tattoo. I’ve long felt that the perfect icon that is representative of that particular side of me is a Space Invader. Not that I’m a huge fan of Space Invaders in particular, it just seems nicely emblematic of gaming, retro computing, and the 80s. Sort of a crude petroglyph found on the walls of the cave of computing history. Since that’s settled, the only question is just which Space Invader with which to permanently decorate my right shoulder. There are three different Invaders, each of which have two states. Below is the complete choice of six.

Readers, please leave a comment in this post and tell me which of the six you find the most appealing Invader. The assistance will be much appreciated. After I am inked, I promise to promptly post a photo of the handiwork. Thanks!

UPDATE [5.8.2007]: Had the tattoo inked today. I went with Invader #3, the one I had been leaning towards from the get-go, and I see most of you preferred that one as well. Thanks for the opinions!

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