“I am a geek. This is my car.” – An Apple Sticker Tale

It was with the purchase of my second computer, an Apple //c back in 1984, that I first received a set of Apple stickers. Apple has long bundled an Apple logo sticker with its major products, so users can show their religion wherever they deem fit. I think I stuck my first one onto the side of the great 13″ Montgomery Ward TV monitor (“monitor” since it had a rare composite input on the back!) that served as a color display. They used to feature the classic 6-color Apple logo with the text “apple computer” rendered in the Motter Tektura font, below. That changed to “Apple Computer” rendered in Apple Garamond sometime close to the release of the Macintosh in 1984. With the 1999 change of logo to the current, solid, white Apple, the stickers dropped the text entirely, in favor of the more minimal look, which is still with us today.

I’ve had a white Apple in my car’s rear window since 1999 (luckily, no one ever attempted to steal it), but it wasn’t until yesterday afternoon that I took the Apple sticker thing to a whole new level.

“I am a geek. This is my car.”

Yes, I pulled out the hair dryer, heated the lettering on my trunk to soften the glue, ripped ’em off one by one, de-gunked the remaining goo (with the help of considerable elbow grease), washed the area and waxed it, and applied one of the so beautiful icons of technology, style, and lust. The white Apple.

So how do you like it? And where are your stickers stuck?

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