Newton eMate 300 As A Serial Terminal

Ok, my three regular readers may be asking themselves, “didn’t we just read this story?” They would be mistaken in thinking so, however. Back in late July I described the manner in which I configured my Apple //c to serve as a dumb terminal, tied via serial link to my Mac mini. In researching the project, I ran across a story of a user who had put an Apple Newton eMate 300 to similar duty on his Sun box. Being an eMate owner myself and having a vacant Mac-style serial port on my dual-port Keyspan USB-to-serial adapter, I felt I must get this going as well.

And today, I have. Have a look at the photos.

It’s hard to get as excited about this project as the Apple //c terminal since, well, I just did it with the Apple //c and I didn’t have to splice cables together and since – hey, let’s not fool ourselves – the eMate is a 25MHz ARM 710a (RISC)-based machine while the //c is powered by a mere 1.02MHz 65C02. But it’ still worth a post, I feel.

No, this won’t be a permanent office fixture. Just a little experiment. Sadly, the eMate will soon resume its typical roll as a paperweight to hold down my Apple Lisa 2 in the home “Byte Cellar.” Still – it made for a pretty interesting little exercise.

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