New-In-Box Apple //c System Sells For $2,553

I experienced 30 minutes of intense pain this evening. I took a quick glimpse at eBay’s “Vintage Computing” listings this evening and what I saw was amazing.

Vintage APPLE IIC computer NIB Sealed Never Opened II C

That’s right. A new-in-box Apple //c system: main unit, monitor, monitor stand and AppleWorks integrated software package. Straight out of 1984 and never opened. Never. Opened.

    I bought this system from a collector who said he bought this from the original owner who had just stored it and never got around to opening or using it. I have stored this system for years in a smoke free and safe place since. It does show some wear from shipping and storage, which was mostly from the original owner, who didn’t understand what a rare item he was dealing with. To find a complete system unopened and never seeing human eyes before is unbelievable.

    I have never seen another unopened Apple II C system in my life, and this belongs in a museum as this is the only way to correctly portray how a new Apple system from the early years of computing would arrive.

    This is the prize of Apple and Vintage Computer collecting

When I encountered the auction there were 31 minutes left and the bid was at $920. Too rich for my blood these days, sadly. But I was racked with pain in being unable to bid. I felt a little better when I saw the final auction ending price…. $2,553.00. To lend some perspective, back in 1984 the retail price of the Apple //c main unit was $1299. A rare find that went for a rather exorbitant amount.

Still, it would be lovely to have…despite the fact that I’ve already got an Apple //c put to good use on my office desk.

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