iPad 2 Launch Day at the Apple Store in Clarendon, VA

Yesterday was iPad 2 launch day and, of course, I was there to grab Apple’s most powerful iOS device by far. I got about 2 hours of sleep last night, as I just couldn’t put the thing down. I’ll post more about my reactions to the iPad 2 in a bit but, until then, read my thoughts on the first iPad and just go get get one in your hands for a few minutes at an Apple Store.

The point of this post is to share a little video I shot, edited and posted while waiting in line at the Clarendon Apple Store in Arlington, VA. The line formed at around noon, and when this video was taken there were a little over 200 people in line. But, before the store swung its doors wide at 5 p.m., the line got to near 300 people. (I was about 15th in line.)

The line was so long that I had to abbreviate the stroll. Do please pardon a bit of whimsy in the audio track…

So, how was your iPad 2 launch experience?

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