Classic Apple II Game Deaths

Yesterday, Boing Boing posted a video compilation of many classic arcade death scenes, set to a chiptune rendition of Mad World. It’s pretty awesome.

After watching it, I was inspired to attempt a similar video, but featuring death scenes from the games I was closest to, growing up. Apple II games. And so, I spent the afternoon playing some of the games I spent the most time with as a kid, running under emulation on AppleWin. Not a bad way to pass the day, really.

So, have a look. I hope readers enjoy.

The games shown in the video are, in order: Archon, Dino Eggs, Drol, Aztec, Talon, Galaxians, Lode Runner, Evolution, Starglider, Airheart, Cavern Creatures, Wavy Navy, Choplifter, Spy Hunter, Sammy Lightfoot, Conan: Hall of Volta, Situation Critical, Rescue Raiders, Montezuma’s Revenge and Wings of Fury.

The chiptune (C64 SID) version of Final Countdown was done by the talented Andrew Lemon, and used with permission.

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